Welcome to LUXONOMY Group. We have been a pioneering Business Group in the luxury universe since 1997.

Two fundamental pillars define and distinguish us.

  1. MEDIA.

-LUXONOMY NEWS. Trilingual Digital Platform: We are the window to the world of luxury through our web platform, offering exclusive and specialised content in Spanish, English, and French. Our commitment is to provide analyses, news, and insights that connect enthusiasts and professionals in the industry in three of the most spoken languages globally.

-We publish the LUXONOMY ULTRALUXURY MGZN magazine annually.


-LUXONOMY INSTITUTE. Specialised Training: At LUXONOMY INSTITUTE, we believe in the constant evolution and refinement of the luxury sector. Hence, we offer specialised educational programmes that prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the luxury and premium world. Our courses and workshops are led by internationally renowned experts, ensuring cutting-edge and unparalleled quality training.

-LUXONOMY UNIVERSITY. In August 2023, we established LUXONOMY™ UNIVERSITY, a 100% DIGITALLY NATIVE International University recognised and accredited in the United States by the COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION ACCREDITATION and SACSCOC.

At LUXONOMY Group, we merge passion and expertise to elevate the standards of the luxury sector. We invite brands, professionals, and enthusiasts to join us on this exhilarating journey of excellence and distinction. Because luxury isn't just a market, it's an art and a lifestyle. And at LUXONOMY, we celebrate it in all its splendour.



Pablo Gutiérrez-Ravé

Managing Director Middle East

Mark Hinshaw, m.hinshaw@luxonomy.net

Dara Bernardo, d.bernardo@luxonomy.net

Managing Director USA

Norma Thompson, n.thompson@luxonomy.net

Mark Buchanan, m.buchanan@luxonomy.net

Advertising Director

Sara Orlando, s.orlando@luxonomy.net

Event Manager

Minda Larsen, m.larsen@luxonomy.net

Office Manager

Steve Brown, s.brown@luxonomy.net


Carina Friedrich, c.friedrich@luxonomy.net

Marketing & PR

Martha Samuel, m.samuel@luxonomy.net


Michael King, m.king@luxonomy.net

Ana Cespedes, a.cespedes@luxonomy.net

Ralph Perricelli, r.perricelli@luxonomy.net


Paul-Henry Koeppe, p.koeppe@luxonomy.net

Jens Schmidt, j.schmidt@luxonomy.net

Digital & Mobile

Terry Kessler, t.kessler@luxonomy.net

IT Infrastructure

Joanne Weinzierl, j.weinzierl@luxonomy.net

Howard Fine, h.fine@luxonomy.net

Martha Foster martha@luxonomy.net


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Linnea Covington

James Halliday

LeAnne Graves

Kristi Ellis

Harry Wallop

Alexander Krupp

Josh Hanrahan

Abdulwahab Ahmad

Tracey Alaxander


LUXONOMY News. All the news about the Economics of Fashion and Luxury in the Era of Sustainability and Innovation.

LUXONOMY ULTRALUXURY MGZN magazine published annually.

LUXONOMY™ Institute. The first Online Training Institute for Fashion and Luxury founded in 2013. We develop genuinely useful and contemporary courses that you won't find anywhere else. Maximise your investment from day one and stay at the forefront of the industry.

LUXONOMY UNIVERSITY is the 100% DIGITALLY NATIVE International University recognised and accredited in the United States by the COUNCIL FOR HIGHER EDUCATION ACCREDITATION and SACSCOC.

The LUXONOMY™ Conferences are an international benchmark in innovation and trends in the Luxury and Premium sector.

Salón del Lujo® World Luxury Expo since 2016. NY-LA-Miami-London-Paris-Madrid-Marrakech-Dubai-Doha-Riyadh-Abu Dhabi-Shanghai.