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WOMEN LUXONOMY: A tribute to Women for the benefit of the Asociación Cáncer de Páncreas

WOMEN LUXONOMY: A tribute to Women for the benefit of the Asociación Cáncer de Páncreas

This year more than ever, from LUXONOMY™ we have a reason to honor WOMEN. On March 8 we will celebrate “WOMEN LUXONOMY™: A Tribute to Women” for the benefit of the for the benefit of the Asociación Cáncer de Páncreas.

Asociación Cáncer de Páncreas (ACANPAN)

The only Spanish patients’ association dedicated exclusively to this disease, created to promote activities that encourage research into pancreatic cancer that will increase the survival rates and quality of life of these patients. In addition, it seeks to inform and support people with this disease and their families, and promote and encourage primary and secondary prevention programs that favor early diagnosis of this type of tumor. It is an open door to patients, relatives and caregivers of patients, doctors, researchers, nutritionists, psychologists and all those related to pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer is an overwhelming disease that is growing more and more and this year has caused the death of the founder of LUXONOMY, María José Flores De Santis.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest; each year about 6,300 people are diagnosed with this type of cancer in Spain: 25 percent of people who suffer from this tumor are undiagnosed.

The Event

100% online and with free attendance, and Certificate of Participation, talks will be established with some of the most important directives women in the fashion and luxury sector.

March 8, WOMEN LUXONOMY™: A tribute to Women where we will analyze “Digital, Technology and Sustainability in fashion and luxury, three discussion tables whose protagonists are pioneering women and experts in the sector”, while supporting a very important cause of solidarity.

How to contribute

Participate with your brand with the amount with which you can collaborate.

Contact us at if you want to participate as a brand.

See Also

At the event website, a donation counter for the study of pancreatic cancer will also be added.

ALL of the ENTIRE amount, both for brands and donations, will be delivered by each brand or individual donor DIRECTLY to the PANCREATIC CANCER ASSOCIATION.

The PANCREATIC CANCER ASSOCIATION (ACANPAN) has its address at C/ Antonio López Aguado, 4. esc. Right 1ºA. 28029 Madrid, with N.I.F. G87155642 and is registered in the Spanish National Registry of Associations, with the national number 607019 of Group 1, Section 1.

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