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To respond to unstoppable growth, the Spanish firm SILBON relocates to new premises spanning over 12,000m^2.

To respond to unstoppable growth, the Spanish firm SILBON relocates to new premises spanning over 12,000m^2.

Silbon reinforces its leadership and commitment to Córdoba (Spain) by announcing its recent relocation to a new space spanning over 12,000 m2 in the same city.

This change of location marks a milestone in Silbon's history, boosting its unstoppable growth and underscoring the brand's solid commitment to quality, innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

The new premises have been adapted to meet the brand's needs, implying a significant investment in infrastructure. In the words of Juan Jurado, COO and partner of Silbon, “Moving to these new facilities was the first step we had to take within our strategic plan, which aims to exceed €100 million in sales by 2025. This new area will provide support to face the expected growth for the next 4-5 years and will lead to economic savings in logistics due to process improvements.”


Silbon's new space, located in Córdoba at Calle Fausto García de Tena 12, covers an area of over 12,000m2, creating a perfect environment for the brand's development and expansion, thus enhancing and optimising all manufacturing, distribution, and control processes.
The new facilities comprise 10,000m2 dedicated to warehousing and logistics. A space that will enable Silbon to improve efficiency in the supply chain and control all processes, thus avoiding external companies that might slow down activity development.

Regarding the sustainability of the new space, Pablo López, CEO of Silbon asserts that “this new infrastructure is a clear commitment to sustainability as it has achieved the unification of all work centres, going from 3 to 1, resulting in a consequent reduction of operational costs and consumption. With this new infrastructure, we also reduce our carbon footprint, managing both product arrivals and dispatches from a single logistical centre.”

Besides housing the logistics centre, the new space will continue to centralise all departments including design, production, sales, marketing, online, HR, visual, IT, sustainability, finance, and management.

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Silbon has a total workforce of 360 employees, of which over 60% are women. This area of 2,200m2 spread across 3 floors, provides support for its more than 100 employees located in the city. The aim is to further improve efficiency across all departments. As explained by Juan Jurado, COO of Silbon, "to promote closer collaboration and communication among all teams, aiming for a more effective and agile decision-making process."

Pablo López, CEO of Silbon explains that "the main goals of this change in premises, among others, are to prepare the company for growth in the coming years, thus also unifying work centres and consequently improving employees' working conditions with modern facilities equipped with all sorts of amenities.”

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