Projects built to measure according to the requirements that you need.

From LUXONOMY™️ x METONOMIC we develop unique Metaversal projects, tailored and according to the needs of each client.

Our custom projects are divided into the following phases:

1.Before project. Customer requirements, evaluations and estimates, both economic and conceptual.
2.Delivery of planimetry based on square meters and project floors.
3.First review with the client in rendering images and spaces.
4.Second review with the client in a low resolution test in the Metaverse. Requests and possible rectifications.
5.Third review with the client in a low resolution test in the Metaverse. Material analysis. Includes quality checks and administrative tasks in the Metaverse (for example, registration in Spatial.
6.Commissioning and delivery. In this stage, all the previous ones are integrated and the necessary adjustments are made to satisfy the client's expectations. To do this, the construction already installed in Spatial with the chosen environment (skybox) is delivered to the client. The two original files are also delivered in .glb format
7.Training (on line) of the complete management of the built space.
8.Maintenance (optional). Many times companies request to continue opting for some services, such as maintenance, facilities management and performance improvement.

If you really need a headquarters, a store, a convention center, a shopping mall, or any construction in the Metaverse, according to the image and philosophy of your company, you must present your image with something that is as similar as possible and with the uniqueness that best suits your business.

And of course it should not be a simple animated fiction, weighing less than 100 MB to take it to metaverses like Spatial but not losing the concept of realism for the future and hyper-realistic metaverses like LUXONOMY™️ LAND.

Company Headquarters in the Metaverse:

Convention Center in the Metaverse: