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All the keys about digital fashion with Nida Haque and Mariana Flink

All the keys about digital fashion with Nida Haque and Mariana Flink

Learn about the benefits of digital fashion and the ways digital sampling and digital twins could benefit brands.

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Nida Haque is a Growth Officer at NeoMarche, an organization focused on phygital fashion. He is also a Partner at The Black Box Institute, a management advisory firm. He is based in Toronto, Canada. Nida has advised clients in a variety of business areas including fashion, retail, supply chain, e-commerce, manufacturing, hospitality, aerospace and defense, information technology, entertainment and public sector. He has led and managed projects related to strategic planning and development, market research, marketing, merger and acquisition and leadership development. Nida has deep experience in the intersection of fashion and technology having been involved in the launch of a clothing-as-a-service business and advised several other D2C brands. At NeoMarche, he is assisting with the growth prospects, business development and partnerships. Nida also serves on the Board of few not-for-profit organizations focused on community building and development in Toronto. Nida holds a MBA from Queen’s University, Canada and a Bachelor in Fashion, from NIFT Mumbai, India.

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The interviewer, Mariana Flink, is a LUXONOMY Alumni from the 3rd promotion of “Luxury and Metaverse” Advanced Course. She is the CEO of ONVERSED the first Spanish startup dedicated to democratize the access of fashion brands to the metaverse. She has advised fashion companies for 15 years. She is a profesor and lecturer.

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